Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

normally what helps me study best is forming a study group and finding a dedicated place such as a library to study. Due to quarantine, however, we have been forced to move our study sessions online. Most often I go over recent coursework and see what if it seems like the professor is trying to stress a concept more than usual. Many of my professors will heavily emphasize a topic before a test, hinting that similar questions will be on the test. One positive of quarantine is that because classes are online, I can rewatch them as much as I need so I can ensure I thoroughly understand the topic. The most useful for me by far though is a practice test. If I can know the exact types of questions on an exam, it makes knowing what to study 10 times easier. Learn how those problems work and how they can vary and trip you up, and you're almost sure to get an A.

Hayden from Missouri
College Freshman
University of Missouri- Columbia