Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.


My name is Tony Davis, I am submitting this essay today in hopes that you will find the way I prefer to study and prep me for upcoming tests both interesting and informative. I have been a long time follower of the VARK study, which is a test that analyzes the way you learn. The format of the VARK study is as follows, visual, aural, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. After taking this test I have implemented this study into my everyday learning format. Moving forward into my test prep, I read every piece of information that I need to know, I then move all of the content and format them to flashcards, after studying for a period of time, I move those questions into Google Forms and create a test of my own that will generate into an excel file that I have coded myself to show me the statistics of where my strong suit is on this test and where my weaknesses are. I can then move my learning focus to where areas of improvement need to be made and master that area before I go back and review all of the content. I truly believe this way of learning works best for me because it allows me to see visually where I am and analyze the data to create a focus on key areas of improvement. Taking tests for me in the past has always been a challenge and now thanks to the system that I have implemented, I always feel very confident in my ability to take a test and master key concepts that are imperative on the test. This learning format may not be for everyone. However, visually seeing where you can improve can assist any student in taking classes/ tests. I have used this format while studying for Military entrance exams, Supply Chain Exams, and much more!

Thank you for taking the time to read my essay.

Best Regards,
Tony Davis

Tony from Idaho
College Freshman
University of Phoenix