Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To prepare for tests, I begin by creating a document of all of the content that could be on the test. Whether it's solving an integral or writing down the congress representatives of our state, every little bit of information helps me prepare. Once I have written down the information needed for the test, I go through the pages and transfer the information to a google document. I share that document with my friends and let them go through and edit the document. After they are done, I go through the document and see what they changed. If I see something wrong, I tell them so I can help them, and I use the rest to reread and study until the test.

This strategy works for me because I go through all the information that is needed for the test and then I can see if there was something I missed when I continue to review the document. By having other people check my work and add their own ideas and information to the documents, I am able to see how other people worked through the problems or gain information that I could have missed or forgotten.

I strongly suggest working with others when studying because, from personal experience, working alone can make you think everything you do is fine and that there is nothing that you missed out on. Other people bring a new point of view to the table and allow for you improve before that test.

Nathaniel from California
High School Senior
Patrick Henry High School