Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

At the beginning of my freshman year and the start of my sophomore year I honestly didn't really have a method for studying for tests. I always relied on staying focused in class and understanding the material for passing the test that I never really adapted a way of studying for them. I understood that junior year was the most important year for colleges as it was the year that was most looked at. Because of this, I knew that I had to adapt a way of studying that I knew worked best for me. In the beginning, I tried group studies where we'd all get together and those that were good and certain subjects would help those that weren't. I learned that it didn't work for me because hearing other people's views would confuse my own. that's when I started making flashcards, in the beginning, it worked for English test really, but for others not so much. that's when I discovered the method of re-writing notes or overall note-taking in general. Re-writing notes when I would get home whether they needed to or not would help me grasp the information. It also helped me better when I made distinctive note-taking system questions, on the left margin important dates and information, on the right important topics highlighted and every note was bullet-pointed. I did this method for most if not all of my junior year and I have not received any lower than an 80 on any test or quiz because of it. I feel like this helped because I'm an artist and I find comfort in making things more creative. Even though not everyone is an artist I do recommend this method for everyone simply because it's a way of not only reviewing but keeping organized. With the extra time put in it definitely worked out for me in the end and I feel like it'd work out for many others like myself that has trouble finding a way of studying and keeping focused.

Phylicia from North Carolina
High School Senior
Apex High School