Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying can at times leave one tired and drained. Some people have a hard time finding ways to make studying fun yet beneficial. One thing that helps me when studying, is listening to music. I have found that listening to instrumental music helps center my mind. The music helps me focus on the material that I need to learn, but makes it an enjoyable experience. I also like to take advantage of some free and easy to use resources available to me. One of the things I like to use is flashcards, highlighters, and pens in bright colors. That way, the information stands out and stays in my brain for later. One of my favorite studying apps, which happens to be free for everyone, is called Quizlet. This app is like a virtual study partner and uses virtual flashcards and games to help you remember the information you need for any quiz or test. I am also a big advocate for using YouTube as a way of studying. If there is any information that I don't have in my notes or happen to not understand, YouTube becomes my best tutor!

Michael from Arkansas
High School Senior
Morrilton High School