Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests have always been a struggle for most children. Personally I struggled finding ways to learn the material I was taught and to fix this I came up with ways of study to help not only me but others. There are a wide range of ways to study from note cards to going out to experience the world around you.
One way I find best prepartion for a test is to use note cards. If the subject you are in like english class, you will use more vocabulary words to study. The best way to prepare for an english test or any test with vocabulary is to write the word in the front and the definition on the back of the card. I repeat this process until I no longer have to look on the back. I wrote each card with a diffrent color to make it more fun and hapy. I would take a break every twenty minutes to not stress out too much. I find the more breaks you use in between study time the more you will remember and the more calm you will be. You will be surprised on how much more you learn just by taking breaks. This works for me because I do learn more and sticks to my brain.
A second way to study is to re-write what you learned in class. This is a good study material for math class or any type of bio test. When you re-write material the more you will learn. I do this for math class and any science class I had which got me an A for the entire year. I would of course write in diffrent colors to make the material less boring for myself. You will replicate the test review from beginning to end. I learned more doing this than any other study material because I was learning how to do certain things that I didn't understand.
The last prepartion I use is the most important above any study material. That is to belive you can achive the grade you want. If I go into that test with a head down I am sure to get a lower grade than expected because I have no confidence. The best way to pass a test is to have confidence that I will pass and succeed. Always have confidence in studying and work.

Velma from Texas
High School Senior
Sandra Day O'Connor High School