Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My greatest test preparation practice is making custom study guides for myself, as well as for other fellow classmates. I find that this is the greatest study practice because not only does it help me, but by making them from scratch I can give them to classmates to have and study as well.
Making study guides from scratch forces me to study the material as I write out the questions and information that I need to study for on the test. This includes a wide variety of different studying techniques that include: fill in the blank, multiple choice, and memory (such as a flashcard section). By making these study guides by myself, I am forced to study the material as I create the questions. This leads to a first round of studying of all the information for the test. After I have completed the study guide, I then go through it multiple times on many different occasions leading up to the test in order to have learned all of the information.
This technique is also very beneficial to everybody else in the classroom. Not only can I print out copies for everyone who wants one to study, but I can also copy and paste the information into online flashcards for anyone who wants to study online. This method that I use incorporates studying across all platforms, and is inclusive to everyone’s study habits because the information can be accessed digitally, or by hard copy in person.
This is also the greatest test preparation because it does not only benefit me, but it benefits others as well. Seeing others succeed as well as a result of my help is another payoff I get from using this method of test preparation. I have been using this technique ever since I started college, and has led me to have a 3.7 GPA after two full years. I am very proud of what I have been able to accomplish, and I wish to keep spreading the idea of what I believe is the greatest test preparation idea of them all in order to keep benefiting other students moving forward in their academic careers.

Evan from Pennsylvania
College Junior
The Pennsylvania State University