Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I enjoy studying using the flash card method. This method not only helps me get familiar with the information but memorize it. This is curial to me because my major is nursing. I need to be able to recall very specific information in a moments notice when taking care of patients in emergency situations. In these situations I do not have time to go look up information in a book but rather need to be able to recall it. An example of this would be with a drug overdose, I need to be able to recognize the drug that is causing the problem and know how to reverse it. This gives the patient the best chance of a good outcome. When I start studying I like to start with a very small amount of flash cards, usually between 10-20 depending on how many I need to get through and how hard the information is for that particular topic. Once I am comfortable with those few cards I start to add more usually about 5-10 at a time. I also try to start studying well ahead of the test. Once I am confident with all of the cards I go through the entire stack once a day until I can get them all correct, I will continue this up till the test day. Because nursing builds off of information that I have already learned I like to keep those cards around and I still try to go through them once a week or so just to make sure I am starting on top of the information. I really struggled with how to study when I first entered college. Some of my grades really struggled until I figured out the process. I have had a long journey of trying to rebuild my GPA and get into a good nursing program. I am confident I have found the right way to study and will be able to make good grades as I move forward through this process. I enjoy learning this way and continue to use this method as I continue through the nursing program. I am currently thinking about furthering my education after nursing school as well and I am confident that the flashcard learning style will come with me.

Hailey from Iowa
College Sophomore