Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My parents have always stressed the importance of learning and achieving desirable grades, which has led me to explore many different avenues of learning, to find what is most efficient for me. In fourth or fifth grade, when spelling tests were extremely prevalent, I tried to outline the words on my arm with my finger. Many of my classmates believed this would reinforce the memorization of the words, but to me, this did not work too well. It was soon that I discovered the power of note cards, and how the practice of simply writing the subject matter down, and reviewing it periodically before tests, can work wonders. It was such a simple study practice, but one that worked when I was in grade school, and continues to work today. While I was in high school, an app called Quizlet was utilized by seemingly everyone. It was easy to make your own note cards, and even easier to share with other students. This was a study method that I adopted for a year or so, because I could easily use other people’s decks if I did not want to go through the process of writing out note cards. However, I quickly learned that it was the process of writing out note cards that reinforced my learning the best. Studying Quizlet would end up taking longer, and I would often find myself distracted with the various other applications on my phone that constantly vie for my attention. So instead, if I was studying terms, I would write the definition of a concept on one side, and the term on the other. This way I could study them as flashcards leading up to the test, and I found that this practice played a crucial role in my success in many challenging classes. Another practice that I found to be helpful, was carrying around an organizational planner. Every time I was assigned homework or a test, I would write it down in my planner, which ensured that I would not forget about any assignments. These two essential practices helped me navigate the numerous demands of high school.

Erik from Missouri
High School Senior
St. Pius X High School