Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Learning should be like eating a gourmet meal. You consume and put to memory the taste of every bite as you slowly go through the meal. You want to remember what you eat because it took so much to get this gourmet meal before you, so why wouldn´t you take your time enjoying every single delicious bite. Learning should be the same way. You should take each bit of information and enjoy everything about it. That's the best way to store it to memory.
While we can´t eat our textbooks, we can activate our other senses. I think all my math teachers think the same way because they all like to use music to help us remember things. In middle school, I listened to a parody of KISS in order to learn what a ratio was and how it worked. In high school, I learned another song in order to learn how to take the derivative of a fraction. Even in my language classes, we used songs in order to learn the months and days. Now that I think about it, we introduced to learning by the way of music at a young age. Can you say the alphabet without singing it? Because I sure can´t. To this day I still remember all of them some more embarrassing than others. Another way to better commit information to memory is to use pictures. In my science classes, we made colorful flashcards and posters in order to memorize the parts of the cell and the parts of plants. Since I am an artsy person I put a lot of effort into making my art look nice which allowed for me to better take a mental picture of what I was learning. Physical motions can also help a student learn things. For example also in my biology class, I was able to memorize what happens in meiosis by the way of simple hand gestures. By going farther than just the books in our hands, we can better remember the buffet of information presented before us. All of these methods help me and other students learn information in a way that is significantly easier to retain.

Alexis from South Carolina
High School Senior
D W Daniel High School