Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I know I have to prepare for a test, I use various methods of studying. I usually try to find a quiet space so that I have few distractions. For quizzes that involve vocabulary, I make flashcards for those words. If the test is one involving many short answer or essay questions, I copy the questions and accompanying answers onto a separate sheet of paper because I can put them to memory more easily as I write them down. For final exams I create study guides, flashcards, lists, and Quizlets. When I had to prepare for the ACT, I did so by taking practice tests after school. I would then review the problems I got wrong with a teacher. This helped me discover what I needed to focus on learning. These practices work for me because I remember information better after writing it out. Also, I am able to retain the information more easily if I discuss it with myself, a classmate, or a teacher. These test preparation practices have helped me excel in my schooling.

Lydia from Illinois
High School Senior
Christ Our Rock Lutheran High School