Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout high school, I have tested many preparation styles. I have succeeded and failed many times just so I could find the one that worked best for me! When the day first begins I found that you have to have a plan. You have to plan where, when, and how you are going to study. You also need to allow the amount of time you think you may need to understand the information. The preparation practices that seemed to work incredibly well for me when studying included: 1. eating a mint while studying. This really helped me understand and remember the criteria before entering the actual test. 2. Using blue ink to write down all of the material needed to be learned. This helped soothe my mind and also helped with memorization. 3. highlighting the important parts o the text. This helped pull out the important sections and helped me further understand the material to its fullest potential. 4. using things you are interested in as examples to help remember. This helped me because I could relate what needed to be learned to things that I liked. Whether this is rhyming, coming up with a saying, or furthering your knowledge on the topic allowed me to excel on test day. 5. having someone else test you on the criteria. This helps test yourself on the information without actually seeing the answers. This helps in many ways because it is just like the testing scenarios would be. You don't get to see the answers and all of the memorization's have to come strictly from your brain. Studying with a partner also allows for more variation. Personally, studying with my mom over the years has helped me excel on test day because she can help with ways to remember the information. She could come up with other rhyming tactics or silly sayings that I could not think of by myself. Lastly, quickly reviewing the information before you take the test. This helps to refresh your memory and also freshens the tricks and tips you were studying from the night before.

Kylie from Missouri
High School Senior
New Bloomfield R-III