Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have never been a great "test taker". In my elementary and middle school years, I always got straight A's. This was not due to test taking skills. I typically received very average test scores and improved upon my grade with participation and homework grades. When I entered high school, I needed that to change. While it did not come naturally to me, I knew that I could do better. I really tried every study method you could imagine. For me, the study methods that most helped were writing and electronic flashcards. I found that I really need to see things multiple times for it to become easier to recall at test time. I began writing information out in order to study. I would sometimes write material several times so that it would become more familiar. After that, I would follow up with electronic flashcards and quizzes that would repeatedly test me with the same questions in different ways. These methods helped me to be more successful with testing in high school and on my SAT's.
It's funny, because in my younger years I always wished that I could be the student who didn't have to put in study time, but still got great grades. I wasn't lucky in that respect. However, I think that it forced me to develop these effective study skills that will make me more even successful in college next year and later in graduate school. Thankfully, recent technology has really provided students like me with a multitude of options to help us to be more successful in school.

Michael from Massachusetts
High School Senior
Scituate High School