Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To study for tests, I use Quizlet, khan academy, and I write my study guide. Quizlet helps so much because it is flashcards, but you can play games too. I feel that being able to play games and repeat the knowledge over and over again is very helpful. When you repeat the facts over and over again, they tend to stick, and Quizlet helps so much. Khan academy helps greatly, too, because there are videos and tests that can explain the topic to you. This is a tool that you can use if your teacher isn't there and you need help understanding something. Creating my own study guide is very helpful too because it allows me to help memorize the items as I am writing it. In summary, I have found many ways to study for tests. Not all of them are online, but they are all my own and work best for me.

Kailyn from New Hampshire
High School Senior
White Mountains Regional High School