Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Academic integrity is something that is very important to me, and I always put the maximum amount of effort I can into any project I do for school. To get the best grades, it is imperative that I study hard for every test to make sure I know that material thoroughly. One thing I do is prepare myself for a test long in advance. Cramming a day or two before the eve of a test is not an effective way to retain information in the long term, which will be highly detrimental. I always pay close attention whenever the teacher is lecturing and I always make sure I have all the notes. If I do not understand something, or I have a question, I do not hesitate to ask the teacher whenever I get the chance. Another good strategy for long term test preparation I use is taking my homework seriously. Homework exists for a reason, and answering problems gets me more acquainted with the material and more comfortable answering questions on a test. This is especially essential for any math course, as math is inherently process based learning. If you do not repeatedly do practice problems, you will not understand how to get through your test. The biggest thing I do to prepare for a test, however, is reading my textbook. Textbooks are extremely useful sources of information, and can easily fill in the blanks left by substandard teacher notes. I read a textbook chapter once before a teacher goes over the chapter in class, and once a few days before I take the test on the chapter. In this way, when the teacher is giving a lecture on a new chapter, I am already going in with some level of understanding, so there is no chance of me being left confused, and when I am about to take the test, I have given myself a thorough recap of everything I have already learned before. This practice of test preparation requires great discipline and focus, but the results are definitely worth it, and I have never obtained a semester grade lower than 90 for any of my classes throughout all of high school.

Michael from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Lansdale Catholic High School