Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In high school, I thought test taking would be a simple task. However, this was not the case for me. I suffered with test anxiety for three years. I knew that entering college, this would be a set back. I seriously thought this would be a never ending journey until I finally found a preparation strategy that worked for me! Since I am a teenager, I love sitting in my bed and scrolling through my phone. I initially assumed this would be a good work space for me. I quickly found out that I was wrong. Although it is sometimes difficult to set aside our social lives, it is imperative for me to turn my cell phone off while I am studying for a test. I also do not lay in bed while studying. This leads to distractions and ultimately alters my focus and makes me tired. I sit up right in front of a desk with all of my study materials as well as my secret trick... lemon water! Lemon water is proven to hydrate the body and mind to provide mental clarity. The fresh scent of the lemon also causes me to stay alert and focused on my study materials. The biggest problem facing students my age when it comes to test taking would be procrastination. Every time my teacher announces an exam I write in my planner, on my calendar, and set a note in my phone. By doing this I am not allowing myself to forget I have a test. Depending on the type of test and the severity of it, I will start studying as early as 2-3 weeks prior to the day of the exam. Some of my study habits include reading and re-reading, writing specific phrases down multiple times, and saying answers out loud. By speaking the materials repeatedly it not only becomes muscle memory, but I also heard the answer out loud so it is another way to help me remember. Once I have prepared to the fullest extent for the test, I take a deep breath in, hold it for 5 seconds, and then let it out. It is so important for me to practice breathing exercises to help with anxiety. Combining all of these practices leads to a successful test!

Brooklynn from Oklahoma
College Freshman
Oklahoma State University