Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I find it easier to study by having the material that I need to learn laid out all in front of me. Usually a textbook in the middle, loose pages to the left in a binder and notebooks to the right. Everything organized but still chaotic. I’ll start by reading the textbook or whatever seems to have the most information first and working my way down until I have read through everything. This is just a once over, skimming through most of it but rereading anything that catches my eye or seems interesting. Then ill read it again, but this time ill take a notebook and take notes on what was important. How much I actually write depends on the material and how well I understood it. If I feel like I understood it well I might just write a single line per page but sometimes it is necessary for me to rewrite parts or summarise each paragraph. Reading everything helps me know it and then it becomes easier for me to remember it and make connections, but when I write it down its easier for me to remember it much more detailed and in better emphasis. Lastly, one thing that I always do is listen to music, the genre doesn’t really matter but usually, the louder it is the better because it helps drown out distractions as you focus more on the reading and on the music.

Juan from Texas
High School Senior
Westchester Academy for International studies