Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best types of studying I've come across rely on creating moments around content and holding yourself accountable via teaching that content to a friend. This means that whatever you're studying, create a lesson plan surrounding it. Depict all the material in ways you understand it best, and when you've got it, share it. There's an old cliche that states "when you teach once, you learn twice." This statement, albeit old, is very effective. I also believe that once you know all the pieces, and you can account for all of them cohesively, a small amount of repetition goes a long way. Just make sure nothing is left out once you begin to really iron in the material. Many of the other forms of studying can be implemented here as well. Flash cards, color association, drawings, diagrams, mnemonics, all can be incorporated into the above. The most important though is the "being on stage" effect of teaching what you are studying. That anxiety of knowing, if not you, then who? Really helps to create a memorable experience you can draw from.

Nicholas from Florida
College Junior
St. Petersburg College