Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe how you prepare for learning new information plays a huge role in test preparation because this is the basis of all of the studying necessary to do well on a test, so this is my routine that I have perfected. The first thing I like to do when learning new material is to read the textbook chapter I am about to learn prior to class. Doing this offers another way to see how the information can be taught and explained besides your professor’s way and allows me to absorb the material much more effectively. Then, I like to complete any homework assignments so that I can connect the concepts to the homework and problems necessary to know how to do. Doing lots of practice problems is one of the best study techniques for me to help implement muscle memory of doing calculations in science. After having a full understanding of the information, I like to make color coated one sheet notes that go over the main ideas, equations, and types of problems I need to know for that section. This step fully encapsulates the necessary main ideas to know in one place to reference when studying. I find this very helpful for cumulative tests like midterms or finals. Also, when making these, having to rewrite information and notes is so helpful to help drill the ideas into your brain. All of these steps combined make my learning process very concise. When all of the lectures before the test are completed, it becomes time to review. I like to begin this about five days to a week before the test, depending on the difficulty and the amount of information that is being tested on. I review by looking over all of the one sheet notes I made and doing as many practice problems to rework that muscle memory I obtained before. Since I have such a strong basis to go off of, I don’t feel as stressed for tests. The biggest lesson I have learned is that reviewing for a test means simply that - reviewing the information you worked so hard on learning to fully polish those topics and ace the test.

Sophia from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
High Point University