Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I became an IB Diploma candidate my junior year of HS. I transitioned from taking regular classes and one honors class to taking 7 college level courses. Safe to say, my old test preparation techniques had to change because re-reading my notes the night before an exam no longer cut it. After a series of study trial and error, I finally came up with the 2 week test technique. The first week consists of passive studying and major revision. I schedule an hour each day to revise my notes and trying to make them as precise as possible meaning I only put in key terminology and 2-3 sentence definitions. Furthermore, I refer back to my textbooks and past worksheets, for the particular subject I’m prepping for, and try to add in any additional information that I think is important. Then, I color code and highlight my notes during the weekend because I learn and understand quicker by associating color with different terminology. The second week consists of active studying. Active studying ranges from using study materials such as quizlet, kahoots, past quizzes and etc. to determine possible questions that might be on the test. I also conduct study sessions with friends wherein we quiz each other or go over topics that we’re having trouble with. This 2 week study method works best for me because it gives me enough time to organize my study materials, revise notes and actively study. I don’t feel rushed because I can allot 30 minutes each day or 2 hours during the weekend to prepare for my test. It’s also helpful for the long term because I now have binders full of revised notes and practice tests to use as reference/study materials for future exams in college. Lastly, this test prep. technique has helped me become more disciplined when it comes to studying because I know it’s achievable and it works with any subject, whether it’d be studying topics in History for an essay-style exam to studying for IB Biology with a multiple choice exam.

Nicole from California
High School Senior
Del Mar Highschool