Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Why do we as students, put ourselves through the long, energy draining nights of trying to "cram" studying the day before an exam? By cramming last minute we cause ourselves to have more stress and feel overwhelmed and in some cases not feel confident in taking the exam to begin with. This is my number one rule when preparing for an exam, no last minute cramming the night before an exam. Of course I review my materials or go over practice questions with a friend the night before but these following tips is how I have managed to keep my grades up to satisfactory and gain me the knowledge I'll have forever.
During a lecture, I am sure to write down the key phrases from my professors, if they show a powerpoint and specificity pull a topic out to discuss even for a minute or so, I write it down. I have found most times instructors will test on the material they find most interesting. If a professor seems to be talking about a specific subject in a lecture, chances are they will ask multiple questions related to it on the exam. After lecture, I place my class notes on the side and take out a fresh paper to outline the lecture in my own words and to my understanding. Rewriting notes right after lecture is the best way for me retain the information and understand it better when I continue to learn more about the topic. After outlining my own notes in my own words, If my instructor provides an outline or a powerpoint, I read through it & add my own notes to the premade outline from my professor. After drafting a new outline from my own notes and from the instructor's lectures, I will start to type out a fresh outline adding all the information together in a neat typed format. This outline is a great quick reference for me to review before the exam/quiz. A clean and well organized outline of the lecture(s) grants me the privilege to study and review more effectively without the stress of cramming through tons of pages of notes as exam date rapidly approaches.

Deanna from Arizona
College Sophomore
Pima Community College