Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Yes, I believe that I have great test preparation practices because of my experience with dual enrollment courses in high school. I took dual enrollment courses in my senior year of high school. Even though, I endured some challenges during my time in these courses; I persevered through those obstacles and finished with A's and B's in those courses. My test preparation practices were taking notes in class, studying and asking questions in class. During class, I would take notes on the key points in the lecture. After that, I would study these notes until I fully understood the content. These practices worked for me because I would be fully prepared for the test due to taking effective notes and studying the content.

During my senior year in high school, the most challenging class was my dual enrollment class English 102. I struggled with meeting the professor’s assignment requirements and paying attention to detail. In this class, I was required to complete a discussion post every week; this assignment was all-or-nothing. This means that if you did not meet all of the requirements for the assignment you would not receive full credit. You would receive a zero. I struggled mentally with these assignments because I felt that I was completing them correctly before the professor graded it. But I still received some zeros on my assignments. Those zeros motivated me to pay more attention to the professor’s requirements. I even went to the professor for help to get tips on how to do better on her assignments. Eventually, I began to receive passing grades on all of my future assignments. I even got a 100 on the final exam. I learned that in life you must persevere in order to accomplish your goal. I believe that this course showed me that I need to fully follow directions and complete my assignments correctly and efficiently. Overall, my dual enrollment experience has helped me achieve great test preparation practices and perform well in my college freshman courses.

Josiah from Georgia
College Freshman
Savannah State University