Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a high school senior who has recently completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), I’m all too familiar with test prep. Given the IBDP requires the study of six subjects in-depth for two years and final exams, it is essential to understand the concepts in each test. Thus, through trial and error, I developed effective test preparation practices. For my English literature class, understanding the literary elements in a work and how they affect, setting, characters, themes, and the reader's perception of a story is paramount. Thus, I made study guides for each work outlining the plot, characters, setting, and the effects of the literary devices. Furthermore, I talked to my peers, teachers, and read other sources to expand and consolidate my knowledge. For Biology, econ, math, and history I took notes on paper from the textbook and in-class lectures. Within my notes, I highlighted keywords, drew diagrams, inserted timelines, and wrote questions I had on post-it notes. The post-its ensured I didn’t forget my questions and remembered to ask them. I found writing things down on paper helps me understand and memorize the information faster. From my notes, I made flashcards with key ideas and definitions so I could test myself without digging through pages of notes. Flashcards also allowed me to study on the train and bus without disturbing others. Furthermore, using flashcards for Spanish class was invaluable for learning vocabulary. The repetition allowed me to review words multiple times and easily memorize different conjugations. Finally, for all of my classes, I always do practice questions from an array of resources. This ensures I have encountered questions varying in difficulty and tested my knowledge. However, to ensure I had enough time to do this and take I notes I gave myself two weeks to study. Furthermore, I made use of the pomodoro method when I studied to use my time effectively. Thus, once test day arrived I was well prepared.

Emalee from Utah
High School Senior
Nagoya International School