Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me I believe I have the best test preparation. First, I plan my study Time. I know for me I try to plan a time or I will not study for the test. So, writing down a begging time and how many breaks I will take and my ending time.Next would be for in the classroom. I always keep note cards with me. Because the teacher always drops clues around test time. And those will be some key points in my notes. That something else I do. I take breaks in my studying to give my brain a break. I also go over my notes with a friend. I go over with them with somo in that class. Then I go over with someone not in that class. I do it as if I'm teaching them the materials. In saying that I create my outline as well. I get a good night's rest and I wake up early to study again. I always make sure I'm hydrated and eat a good meal. Then lastly I pray. I strongly suggest these tips have really helped me in my studies. When I follow through I always get an A, or B.

Kawanzaa from Michigan
College Sophomore
Eastern Michigan University