Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The first test that I have ever dreaded was the SAT. It sounds strange because tests are something that every student dreads with a passion. But honestly, I had never been truly nervous about a test until the SAT. I remember driving to the testing center early in the morning on the day of the test. My hands were sweaty, my stomach was full of butterflies, and I could not stop thinking about all of the facts that I had crammed into my head. I walked into the test center just as nervous as I was on the drive there. I walked out of that test center relieved to have the whole thing done with. The next month, I woke up one morning to a very good score.

I was nervous about the SAT because I could not study for it as I normally studied for tests. One cannot know exactly what will be on the SAT. However, my fears were unfounded as all of my “normal” studying and preparation prepared me very well for the SAT. Truthfully, the number one thing that has set me up for test success in both the SAT and normal tests is cultivating good study habits. I believe that the best test preparation can be found in studying. I cannot truly be prepared for a test if I do not study well. Studying consistently is the best test preparation for me.

Repetition is one of the best ways to learn, and it is one of the best ways that I learn. Consistency is a big part of repetition for me. My favorite way to combine consistency and repetition is taking and reviewing notes. I take a lot of notes during my classes or study time. I then review my notes before tests or when I need a memory refresher. I do this regularly and as often as possible.

Taking and reviewing notes is a tried and true technique. Some might even say that it is a little boring, old-fashioned, or unoriginal. All I know is that when I take notes and review them consistently, I learn and remember more. And that leads to better test scores and a lot less butterflies!

Rochelle from Kansas
High School Senior