Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are many different study tactics used by students of all grade levels. Each student finds the best method to their success. In high school, I found myself to be a video and audio learner. This made missing a day very hard on me, especially when trying to make-up work I had missed. With online schooling, I get videos that show and explain what to do or how to use the method being taught. These videos are at my disposal from the day I start the class to the day I pass the final assessment. Giving me the opportunity to watch the video as many times as I need to understand the content. My personal study tactics involve three steps: try it, note it, and apply it. Using these steps, I can first see where my prior knowledge can get me and where I need extra help. When I start a new class, the first thing I do is take the pre-assessment. This test shows me where I am competent and where I need to focus on studying. Once I finish the pre-assessment, I move on to the videos and text to learn what I am not knowledgeable about and to improve what I do know. In the areas where I am strong, I know that I can take simple notes and focus on just what is new to me in those areas. For the areas where I am new to the information, I know to pay close attention to the instruction so that I can learn the processes. While watching the videos or reading the text, I take several notes to help me remember the material. I can understand how to use a formula by watching it, but until I do it, I may not completely grasp the concept. This is helped by the sample problems that they do in the videos to which I pause before they do the work and try to answer the problem on my own by what I have learned. Once I have taken notes, watched videos on the methods, and worked out sample problems using the principals presented, I then practice what I have learned. I use what I have learned in each section and put it into practice with a post test for each section. This prepares me for the final exam.

Courtney from Kansas
College Freshman
Western Governors University