Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Around three weeks before taking the exam, I analyze what content will I be tested on. After analyzing, I make a list, divide the material into sections, and create flashcards. I begin studying my first stack of flashcards until I can lecture someone without looking at my notes, I move on. As I move on, I start by review the previous content then I review the new material. By the time I finish studying all my material, I have become an expert. I always give myself enough time by getting an estimate of how much time I need to be based on each exam. If it is a cumulative final, I take at least three weeks and a half studying. If it is a chapter test, I take about two weeks studying. This gives me enough time to study my material. If I get stuck on a topic I have time to ask my professor and clear up any questions. Cramming all the information, pulling an all-nighter does not work. You need enough sleep for the next day. While studying try to avoid any distractions, this includes your cell phone. It is easy to respond to a message then pop into social media. While studying, I also take 10-minute breaks every 40 minutes. This gives my mind time to relax for a moment. If you study for long periods of time, your brain stops absorbing so much information.

Fernanda from Texas
College Junior
Tarleton State University