Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I tend to cram a lot of material before a test, and I think a lot of people do the same thing. However, even though that's what I tend to do, that is not my most useful method. My favorite way to study is to use the website quizlet and make a general study guide and quiz myself until I know the answer to every question, I usually do it by 20 question increments. I think this is the best and easiest way to study because of how simple it is and because of the repetitiveness of the questions. Repetition is key when studying or preparing for a test. I play sports and when I get ready for a soccer game, its the same concept as when I prepare for a test. When I get ready for a soccer game, I prepare a week in advance by increasing my water intake, making sure my stamina is high by running a little extra , and practicing my ball techniques. The more you run, the more prepared you are for 90 minutes of running without breaks, the more you practice your ball handling techniques, the better you will control the ball in a game, and the more hydrated you are the better your performance. It's simple, you practice how you play, because when it comes to school or sports it's never about luck and it's always about how much work you put in that will determine what kind of result you have in the end. I like to quiz myself and review flashcards for an hour every other day a week before a test and I like to to take a full quiz of all questions on the quizlet before a test to make sure I got it down. Cramming is never the answer because when I cram I usually stay up till super late and get less sleep and that's not a good way to study, in a sport its the same, you wouldn't train super hard the day before a game, so you shouldn't overwork your brain before a test. A good rest and a healthy test preparation is what will help any student do well on a test, and that is what helps me best and what I should be doing more of!

Natalie from Texas
College Freshman
Texas State University