Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Most people think that it’s common sense to study for a test. No matter how big or small a test can be, it is still paramount that anyone knows the information that is being tested on. Some people turn to digital forms of studying, which can help for a variety of subjects. Some people read textbooks or notes to read about the information tested on. Personally, I make note sheets and use as much colour as possible.

There are a vast amount of studies that can prove that colours can evoke emotion and can help words, thoughts, or memories stick in your head. In my study routine, I make sure I have all the colours that I can with me. Then, I make note sheets of what is being covered on the test. This way, you’re able to review notes, use colour to help information stick in your head, and make beautiful art with your notes.

For me, personally, I am quite an artistic person. Using art whenever I can is very important for me. I love to show off my art and calligraphy skills. Note sheets full of colour are perfect for doing this. In addition, using my note sheets have inspired some of my friends, like my friend Briana. We study together for government and economics, and using my note sheets seemed to help her. Therefore, she started to make her own sheets, and her grades improved to the point where she was able to finish both classes with unweighted A’s. Showing someone a new form of studying was exciting, and I was glad to help someone.

Again, with the scientific evidence that colours stick in your brain better than regular notes, and the fact that I am already an artistic person, these notes sheets that I make are beneficial for me. I started them for use in some of the AP classes that I take, like environmental science, and my grades went up about six points throughout the course of the semester.

Jenna from Georgia
High School Senior
Union Grove High School