Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Getting ready for a test is hard, especially when there is a lot of information. How can you easily remember the names of all of the countries in Africa and be able to explain the lasting effects of imperialism? For me, I create my own study guides. Study guides are all of my notes and knowledge in one place. To create my study guides I gather my notes from throughout the unit and any additional resources that my teacher may have given me like slides, videos, or homework. Then I take the unit topic-by-topic, writing down the most important information onto the document. I then fill in any gaps in the study guide with details from notes, slides, previous tests, and homework.

Creating study guides is helpful for me because all of the information is in one place. This then means that I can see the connections between the main ideas which helps me retain the information to memory. In addition to having everything in one place, study guides allow me to organize the material in a way that makes sense to me. I can bold things that I think are super important, add colors, and change the font size depending on the importance of the facts. Furthermore, study guides give me a chance to see how much I really know. I do not use anything but my knowledge first, so I write down everything that I know before using other resources to fill in the missing pieces. By looking at what I actually understand I then can see what I need to spend more time studying before I get to the test. Lastly, study guides are the way for me to go because I can print them out for easy access. I can write more information on the paper or highlight things that I need more clarification on from my teacher. Study guides take a lot of time to make, but the effort that goes into it usually pays off in the end. Ever since I have started using study guides, my test scores have dramatically improved.

Miriam from California
High School Senior
Logos International School