Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Yes, I do. My test preparations work for me because the main thing I focus on is not procrastinating. This is my main preparation because my brain needs time to understand and comprehend the material I am about to be tested on. Let's say my test is on Friday and it is the start of the week (Monday). I am going to study a little at a time through out the week, around 30 minutes a night. By doing that it is good repetition for me to get a good understanding of the material. Also it allows me to not feel stressed and cramped for time because I use my time management well. When preparing for a test I feel like the first step is paying attention in class and taking good notes that I will understand later on. I also like to have a friend or family member help me, by quizzing me with flash cards because it gives me a good baseline to see where I'm at with my knowledge on the subject.

Camren from Oregon
High School Senior
crescent valley high school