Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

* The day of a test, before my class meet time, I like to make a nice small cup of coffee along with a very small breakfast, just enough to keep me going, and I like to exercise. The cup of Joe gives me a little push because I often do go to class tired, however, the coffee gives me a little reward for waking up on time and a little energy boost for focus on the test. The small breakfast also serves to give me a motivational boost as well as a little energy boost. The breakfast is small because afterwards I reward myself with either a desert I like or a nice expensive or large meal after I feel I've done well on a test. The before-class exercise also serves to wake my brain up and get my blood flowing, and it does wonders for my mood in the morning, which is invaluable for doing well on a test.

Elijah from Alabama
College Sophomore
University of South Alabama