Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test for many sounds like a long and dreadful situation. For me, however, I personally enjoy test preparation as I have nailed a routine down for myself. To start, I prepare snacks and water for myself at the table I am studying at in order to avoid future study breaks. I also always have music playing. Personally, music helps me concentrate. Once I have all of that set up, I lay out all of my notes needed to study. I tend to only study a few hours at a time, but over a course of multiple days. I find that if I study for too long in one setting, I will get a headache and lose track of what I am doing or reading. I continue this studying method for a course of days, until I feel confident. I know I have successfully learned and memorized the material once I can breeze through the chapters quickly and correctly without having to double check my notes. These practices work for me because it does not require me to spend my entire days studying and it does not require me to devote my attention to it for too long at a time, which makes studying less dreadful. I also believe that studying for shorter tine periods for more days in a row, rather than long time periods and less days, is more beneficial to the learning process.

MIRIAH from Arizona
College Sophomore
Mesa Community College