Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have learned how to prepare for exams the best while through college. I believe it was because there was no time to procrastinate for large exams through my college experience compared to high school. When I take my notes I color code important topics and make extra side notes to help myself understand it when looking at it at a later time. I always go back through my notes and read them thoroughly for days before each exam to understand the topics. Then I will rewrite my notes multiple times in order to memorize the concepts. I ideally try to rewrite my notes at least three times before my exam.
Depending on the course I will also make note cards for the units being tested. I make note cards especially for Biology course to help myself memorize the concepts. However, some Professors utilize their online site to post types of review sources that are also helpful. Often Professors do post practice exams which helps me understand how the Professor tests or the types of questions that they ask.

The night before my exams I will reread my notes before I go to sleep. I find it important to get a good nights rest and to eat a good breakfast the next day. I try to get up early the morning of the exam as well to get to school early and reread my notes for the last time. I reread them one additional time in the morning because it helps me remember any small details that I could have missed. I think that this method works best for myself. I am a student that needs repetition in order to understand and remember the concepts. I do believe that not all students can learn the same way or study in the same way. However, each student learns the best way for themselves through trial and error.

Grace from New York
College Junior
D'Youville College