Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

One of the greatest study tools is repetition. It's traditional, but I live by it. While many students my age use tablets and laptops for taking notes and studying, I rely mostly on trusty pen and paper. There are scientific studies that confirm physically writing notes will yield better test grades than taking them down electronically. My study routine consists of taking notes in a notebook during class and then later rewriting them elsewhere, like on flashcards. I read my notes and flashcards until I'm fully confident I know the material. This works for me because flashcards allow to to identify which concepts I need to work on more than others. Writing down my study materials etches the information into my memory better, so when I'm taking a written test, it comes back to me easily. I also make sure to take active notes while reading the textbooks and other required readings to make sure I highlight and fully understand the key criteria. This not only makes me an active reader, but helps me break down information and know when to ask questions. Another technique I like to use is teaching the study material to somebody else. Once I have studied my written work, I confirm that the information is stored in my memory by repeating it to a friend or study partner. I think that helping somebody else understand something also helps me better comprehend it as well. I'm very detail oriented and an organized person, which is why I think my test preparation practices work so well.

Allison from North Carolina
College Sophomore
High Point University