Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

With college right around the corner and having a senior schedule filled with AP classes, I took the opportunity in one of my classes to experiment on what is the best method of preparing for tests. Throughout the class, I would change practice methods and I saw little variation with test scores. However, their was great variation with the amount of work I did to prepare for each test. Having a busy schedule, doing the least amount of work made most sense me. I determined that the best of my practices is to gather the essential facts and organize them into related categories on a single sheet of paper. By doing so, I am able to do little work while having all of the essentials right in front of me to study off of compared to having sheets filled with information, most of which is non-essential. Limiting myself to a single sheet of paper to prepare for tests has been beneficial on many levels. It brings balance to my schedule, it helps to study to most important information, and it shows the connections of the information from a unit. Because I have experience with many different methods of test preparation, I can safely conclude that clear and concise note taking for test preparation is the best method to prepare.

Eli from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Kimberly High School