Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

If you have a whole sections worth of information that you learn the best time to start studying is from the first day you get the first pieces of notes and information. The learning doesn't only stop after you get out after class. If you read over the notes/ text that you did in class for at least 30 mins that same day you are going to retain a lot of that information and most likely understand the material better. These 30 mins don't even have to be at home either. This could even be on the bus/train/car ride home. IF you think about it 30 minutes is really nothing compared to the time you would probably be on your phone, watching a show or even playing a game. It also doesn't hurt throw a couple of practice problems into your study time. This also allows the homework to come naturally easier to you as well.
Now once the test date starts coming closer, you can spend a little bit more time reviewing the work and practice problems that you've done from the start of the semester and you already have a better understanding of all the information at your disposal. You can also then identify areas of where you might be lacking on and study up better on those areas as well. Doing it this way can also help you manage your time and adding the dates on when you learn the subject and do your "30 minute study session" can help you organize the notes in your brain as well.
Ultimately if you treat everyday like a quiz on an actual test date, if everything goes right, you have nothing to worry about!

Nuri from New York
College Freshman
University at Buffalo