Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to test preparation I implore a few key tactics. These strategies help me succeed at a high level and secure the test scores that I desire. These tactics include limiting procrastination, fulfilling my body's needs, and studying a reliable amount to build confidence and discipline. During my sophomore year of high school I endured a few traumas that interfered with my desires to learn and succeed at a high level. I had a test approaching in Biology, but I chose not to study because I simply didn't want to. I failed the test with flying colors and my grade plummeted from an A to an F. I declared to myself that I would climb my way back to the top and finish the class with an A. This event caused me to assess my discipline and test preparation strategies requiring me to alter my approach to testing. By the end of the semester I finished Biology with an A.
My first strategy that I incorporated into my studies was asking questions even when I thought I had the answer. This required me to build my confidence in the classroom and pursue the correct answers for assignments. I discovered that I was learning better, rather than remembering something for a short period. My second strategy was to study a week leading up to a big test. It became an absolute necessity for finals during the latter parts of my high school years. I would devote a half hour or so to certain classes that I felt I needed extra practice in. Again, this helped me to learn things rather than remember them. My final strategy that became vital was getting good sleep and eating the right amount of food for my body's peak performance. I found that eating nutritious meals everyday helped me in two important areas. I had more energy for sports and for school. Sleep helped aid in recovery after long days as well.
These three tasks are the reason I have succeeded as well as I have in high school. They have taught me a lot in terms of feeling accomplished and will lead me further to success.

Samuel from Minnesota
High School Senior
Community of Peace Academy