Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone has a certain way to study, to prepare I make sure to get all my notes,iPad, extra food, and water, so I wont have to get up and get distracted. Depending on the subject I listen to music to calm me or get me going. The music keeps my anxiety down and distract me with the world also helps me focus on what I’m trying to learn. I’ll take like a five or ten minute break every hour or two hours to not over work myself, so the information can also stick to my memory little by little. If I have no time to study for school events, family situations, or other reasons I try to just skim through the notes. Not everyday I prepare for a test just a week before it or if its a hard subject studying ten or twenty minutes every other day. When looking for a place the library is an ideal place, but I love doing study sessions with a group or a cafe. The group gathering helps with when you don’t know or remember the information for the question someone can help or show me a different way to remember it. When it’s for vocabulary I try to see if I can remember it in a way that stays in my memory.

Chelsey from Texas
High School Senior
Lewisville High School