Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Starting college was one of the most challenging things I have ever done. My first exams I took were not very good and it made me very frustrated. It took me many tries to get into the groove of things to develop the perfect study techniques that worked for me. Finally, after many attempts and failures, I found what works best for me. Everyone's technique is different per person, but for me, many things contributed to the study process. The first thing I do before even starting to study is taking detailed notes from the book and from the lecture of the current chapter. For me, this is especially useful because I am a chemistry major, so many different ideas are being thrown out at once. Once I write the notes for the chapter I am able to understands the basics of what I am learning. This is also helpful for me later in the semester when I have finals so that I can review the material from the beginning of the semester. The next thing I do is I make note cards of some basic terms I will be using later in the chapter and on the test, I try to study those often so that when it comes to the days closer to the exam I am already comfortable with part of the material. I also do many practice problems out of the book and use many websites with practice problems and videos so that the experts can explain and help me with concepts I do not understand. For me, especially with exams, I find it very important to not just study during the last minute, but the days before the exam so that I can limit my stress and nervousness and come into the exam with a clear and focused mind.

Tatiana from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh