Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I use different practice to prepare for tests. The one I use the most, especially for big exams includes a few different practices. First, I make a study guide for the content I need to know. It is important to use blue ink because it helps to remember material better than black ink. I simplify the information and include acronyms to remember the material. I then read the study guide very carefully in small parts. I reread the material and highlight the very important words or phrases. While I reread the information a few times, I begin to remember it as well. After I go through the whole study guid highlighting, reading, and memorizing, I look at the powerpoint from where the material came from. Visual representation of the information also helps to retain information. I go through the powerpoint a few times. I start preparing for tests at least a week in advance. Spatial studying helps the best, so I review the information I need to know for a little bit each day instead of cramming the night before.

Mackensee from New York
College Sophomore
George Mason University