Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Although students attend school everyday, the majority of students still struggle with finding the right studying preparation for their learning needs. As a high school senior, I have spent 4 years developing and practicing test taking strategies in order to maximize my success. Throughout this time I have discovered that not all students learn and study the same way, so developing personal and practical habits is the best way to prepare for test taking. Personally I find that knowing your occasion, note taking, and help from others are the ways that I am able to study in the best environment for me. The biggest indicator of success is how well the students know the material. This means they understand whether they are being tested on solving problems, vocabulary, reading, and more. The same studying that is used for memorizing is not the same tools that students need for reading skills. The better I know what to prepare for, the more confident I feel about studying and testing. Practice is crucial for learning, but feeling empowered about your material can help all testers ace their test. Before testing is the most crucial part of learning and soaking up the content. Whether the test is for a class or a standardized test, it is important to hand written notes. Writing is shown to help memory because of the muscle memory it entails. Proper note taking also can become a tool to help review with clear information that you know is important. Finally, I think it is crucial to work in groups to prepare for a test. I enjoy working with others because they hold me accountable for my actions and work through material that I do not understand. My favorite teacher said to me “You do not fully know what you learned unless you are able to teach someone else with no issues.” This has resonated with me and showed me a new way to help boost my confidence. What I allow myself to forget about or pretend I understand, others hold me accountable to force me to take responsibility.

Kaitlyn from Minnesota
High School Senior
Anoka High School