Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I like to prepare for my test 1-2 weeks before the test date, so like it gives me enough time to really understand the material and it helps me remember the information better, instead of cramming everything into my head I start quizzing myself with plenty of time for me to go in for office hours and ask my professors for help and ask them any questions if I have any. As I walk towards my classes I like to use quizlet to help me study and I make sure to study for at least 30 minutes before I end the day until the day of the test. On the day of the test I stop studying an hour before the test so like that I won't stress myself out and so I don't double question myself. When I try to study/cram some more right before the exam I'm too nervous and I feel like I forget everything I've learned. I like to have a healthy snack before and I meditate beforehand as well to help my nerves. Growing up I always had trouble taking tests, I would do great with in class work and even my homework, but when it came to the test I would just get so nervous and I would forget everything, I would do poorly on the tests, but after the tests my teachers would ask me questions that were on the test and I would get them right, I would always psych myself out and sometimes that still happens if I don't properly prepare for an exam. When I meditate I like to imagine myself passing the exam, it gives me the confidence I need. My practices are probably different from others, but I'm still learning what works for me and what doesn't.

Zianna from California
College Freshman
University of Arizona