Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being in a science and math based major can be very challenging, and discovering the right way for me to study was not easy. I finally found what I call my "study flow" in my second semester of college. The start of my test preparation begins with reviewing powerpoint and lectures my professors have given, followed by reading the necessary chapter out of the textbook and writing down key ideas. As I go through the textbook, I make sure to highlight concepts that I do not quite understand. As I read through, I do every sample problem the textbook provides until I am fully confident in the material. Once I have finished reading a chapter, I go back to the sections I had trouble with and find an online source that will help me better understand the topic at hand. After watching a video or reading an article to do with the subject I do not quite understand, I finish it off with doing more practice problems. My way of studying provides me with up to three different ways of reviewing material, and assures that if I do not understand how a topic is discussed in one example, another source will help me to fully grasp the material.

Makayla from New Jersey
College Sophomore
Rowan University