Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My study habits and test preparation varies depending if I am strong or weak in a subject. My weakest subject in school are the law classes. Although there are not many tests administered, law classed involve essays that are graded as tests; meaning I have to obtain an excellent score. Since the assignment is given ahead of time, I start writing a rough draft in advance and send it to my teacher aids so they can grade it and give feedback. Usually the topics are questions based on what was taught in lecture, making it beneficial to study within the hour of lecture being over. My college advisor is the one who recommended me to study the class material before and after class in order to remember it more successfully. This strategy has greatly saved my gpa and my mental health because I no longer stress about studying. Especially since I am not naturally a person who gets something the first time. Even for my strong subjects, such as my humanity classes, I have to study. I prepare for the exams by teaching what I have learned. It is true that teaching is the best way to learn. I teach my family, friends or even coworkers what I learn in class and I have noticed and increased retention of information. I understand that everyone learns differently, yet I know my methods for test preparation are successful because I am someone who used to struggle with school. With help from others who have guided me the right way, I have mastered the art of test preparation.

Liliana from Arizona
College Junior
The University of Arizona