Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Before a test, I like to review all of my material and separate it into categories. I then make flashcards and begin to go over them. After going over the flashcards and getting the material right, I will then have my mom question me. I then have a Quizlet made with all the questions on it and I take that test multiple times until I have gotten the material down completely. I will then go to sleep, and wake up early the next morning. I have my mom test me again over the flashcards, as well as when I am getting ready I test myself with the flashcards. If my test is later on in the day I continue to go over the flashcards or the Quizlet test, but if it is the first thing I go over it as many times as I can before the test. I believe that repetition helps me and helps others because it is constantly there and after seeing it so many times it could and with me it sticks in my brain. Instead of memorizing the cards, you learn them, from seeing them so many times and it also helps for later on in a different class or that same class because you can think back and the information is still there. I like this method because it is fast to make and is easy to sit down and go over and over. Also if you don't have anyone to help you study you can do this yourself and use Quizlet to help test yourself.

Breanna from Kansas
High School Senior
Iola Senior High School