Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Education has been my entire life. At home I have a mother of asian heritage that views the potential of her children to be infinite. As for my father, he wants an athlete with strong christian values and anything else was fine. With these unique goals and values my parents shared and instilled in me, I needed many test preps programs through out my educational endeavors. These programs were in abundance, but never held up to any standards that were pre-planned for me. Eventually my parents found Mometrix a system that really prepared me for my future.
In middle school I really started to become self directed in my ability to take test. person. Prior to all this, from what people tell me, I was unable to focus. I learned history, questioned science, and built character through endless hours of reading. My high school is where I was introduced to technology and became induced by the internet to seek it. In high school, I was introduced to test preparation culture of time invested will not get high scores without direction. Mastering testl is the root or foundation of who I am and probably how I view the world the way I do. Results, not diminishing returns can be made with a plan.
As all of this was being manufactured, my parents at some point heard about STEM and wish to expose me to this area of education, but I had to test in order to be placed there. This was a complete turning point in my life, because my end goal was the best college possible and STEM has prepared me for that. My parents searched for some of the best educational opportunities but all required an ability to test. The best practices for me are to plan, organize and reviews.

Frank from California
High School Senior
STEM High School