Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I prepare for a test things can get a little hectic. Something I struggled with for a long time was leaving myself time to study. It is one thing to go to class and take in the information there, but right now in your life you are learning house to actually know and understand what you are learning so you need to give yourself time to study. Whenever I am done with class for the day I gave myself time to go back through my notes and reading to make sure i understood what I was learning. When you are taking your notes you can write as much as you need to write so it helps you understand it. When you are going back through your notes make bold topics or key points. When the the time for your test is getting closer go back through your main topics and key points and when you read that note if you don't remember that topic you can go back and touch up on the information. I truly beleive this is an effective way to study and actually learn the topic you are being tested on. If you decide to use tis technique i promise you will not be disappointed. Something I have learned in my frirst yearin college is that everything is different from High School and you will have to astablish a new normal. You will have to find things that work for you and not focus on what works for other people.

Lanie from West Virginia
College Sophomore
West Virginia University