Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For each class, I have a notebook dedicated and labeled for it so I don't mix up different classes or material. In this original notebook, I write all of the material that is presented in class by the professor. This notebook can get a little messy depending on how much I abbreviate or how fast I have to write during the class period. Then the evening after each class I get another designated notebook for that class I have labeled "at home." In this note book, I rewrite all of the material in a nicer and more organized way where it is easier for me to follow when it is time to study for the exam. In this notebook, I highlight important terms and use different colors to grab my attention better. At the end of each week, I review what I have written in my notes to see if I have any questions about the concepts and if I do I contact my professor so I do not fall behind. When it becomes time to study for the exam, I love to use a website called "Quizlet" to help me stay organized. It is the virtual form of notecards and the website helps quiz you with the information you have entered in. It even makes practice tests for you to help you master the material. I am not the best test taker. All my life, I have had the trouble of being confident going into the exam and leaving it confused, but after I started using the two notebook technique and the website "Quizlet" it drastically helped increased my test scores and has even allowed me to continue to memorize the information years after I have taken the course.

Morgan from Missouri
College Junior
University of Missouri