Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The key to studying for a test is to engage in constant studying and this doesn't mean studying all the time. Instead it means studying for a little bit everyday, with a specific emphasis on studying immediately following a class or learning new material. By studying consistently you are able to retain more material because you give yourself the time necessary to study. This means that you don't need to cram the day before the exam and you should already know the material which removes a lot of stress and allows for better performance on tests. You are also consistently engaging with the information which means that it gets firmly lodged in your memory.

The second key to studying is focussing hard when you study. This means removing all distractions, whether that be friends, phones, or a cluttered mind. Studying is about learning the material and for short periods of time you need to extend all of the focus you have at your disposal onto learning the material. This means that when you commit to studying, you do just that -- study. You don't reply to texts, you don't fantasize about solving every problem in your life, or think about your future success once you're done your school career. Instead you study in short intense spurts during which you are 100% focussed on the material. By doing this you can study much more efficiently because you won't be wasting time and mental energy on extraneous topics. This means you'll remember more and don't need to spend as much time studying so you can enjoy your university experience.

The most important method for studying is to constantly test yourself. This prevents illusions of learning and will stop you from blanking on the test. A big mistake that students make when studying is that they just peruse their notes. Although it seems like they're learning, you often aren't because you're just getting better at reading your notes. Therefore, by testing yourself you make sure that you actually understand the material well.

Noah from Alaska
College Sophomore
The University of British Colombia